To apply for a position at Crazy Bastard Sauce please send your CV via email to - Please also let us know in the email which position you are applying for, and let us know why you would be a good choice for the job.

Office sales person

3-4 days per week / 24 - 36 hours per week 


Duties include:

  • Processing and shipping B2B orders

  • Processing and shipping B2C orders

  • Monitoring incoming emails

  • Responding to customer inquiries

  • Data entry to Sage Accounting software

  • Contacting potential B2B customers to introduce our products


What we’re looking for:

  • Good attention to detail and organised working habits

  • Good mathematical and linguistic skills

  • Minimum C1 German 

  • Minimum C1 English

  • Minimum 1 year experience in sales position

  • Proficiency with Excel and basic accounting software
    Bonus points:

  • Experience in international export 

  • Experience in online sales, advertising and marketing


What we offer:

  • The joy of selling a product that people actually want to buy

  • A friendly and energetic work environment

  • Free communal lunch on sauce production days

  • All the usual German employment benefits (holiday pay, health insurance etc)

  • €13 per hour 

  • Free hot sauce