A mild version of the original and award winning Crazy Bastard Sauce. Perfectly balanced flavour and just a little heat so that you can enjoy the full flavour. Can be used as a salsa or dip.



Peppers, Tomatillos (22%), onions, Habanero Chilis (20%), white wine vinegar, apples, limes, garlic, olive oil, sea salt



Balanced flavour with equal parts sweet, acidic, salt, fruity and savoury. 



Everything! Including burgers, pizza, pasta, rice dishes, stews, sandwiches, tacos, grilled food and much more.


Heat: 2/10

Scoville (estimated): 3,000 SHU


Volume: 100ml

Price per 100ml: €5.90

Easy Bastard Sauce 100ml

100 Milliliters