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Madame Jeanette & Apricot

Madame Jeanette & Apricot

SKU: W013
€6.90 Regular Price
€5.52Sale Price
100 Milliliters
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One of the special edition sauces from the Winter Warmer Set, this limited release sauce pairs the fruity citrus aromas of Madame Jeanette (AKA Lemon Habanero) with the fruity and jammy flavours of fresh and dried apricots. There is also a noticable hint of thyme in there. 

Ingredients: Apples, onions, white wine vinegar, apricots (15%) madame jeanette chilis (10%), limes, salt, olive oil, thyme.


Description: Sweet, jammy and fruity, with excellent flavour balance and notes of citrus and herbs.


Pairing: This sauce pairs very well with roast dinners, poultry, carrots and other root vegetables. It is very well balanced and so will also fit to most other foods.


Heat: 6/10Scoville (geschätzt): 40,000 SHU


Volume: 100ml

Price: €6.90 per 100ml

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