A delicious and warming sauce made with immune-boosting ingredients to help keep us strong in the winter months.


The chili mix includes rocottos, aji amarillo, aji limon, madame jeanette, habanero, cayenne, scotch bonnet and a little ghost pepper. There is also lots of giner, garlic and tumeric in there, as well as oranges and carrots.



ingredients: peppers, carrots, onions, white wine vinegar, mixed chilis (20%), ginger, limes, garlic, olive oil, salt, tumeric



Strong flavours of chili, ginger and garlic combine with tumeric to create a fruity and aromatic curry sauce. Fresh citrus notes brighten the spiced flavour.



Rice dishes, soups and stews, curry, sandwiches and burgers.


Heat: Medium hot at first, building slightly over about a minute as it spreads across the mouth. The heat lingers for about 5 minutes receding slowly.


Scoville (estimated): approx 25,000 Scoville.


Volume: 100ml

Price per 100ml: €5.90

Winter Warmer

100 Milliliters