Crazy Bastard Sauce -  Award Winning Hot Sauce. Hand-Made in Berlin

At Crazy Bastard Sauce we produce a range of high quality hot sauces, 

made with oven roasted chilis and fresh natural ingredients. We don't add refined sugar, bitter extract, thickening agents or dilution with water. 

From mild to super hot - We have a hot sauce for every chili fan

Each sauce has a different pepper at its core, around which the overall flavour has been crafted.

From Jalapeño to the extreme Carolina Reaper there's a sauce for every taste and every heat level.

There are 7 sauces in our permanent range, each made with a different chili,

each with a unique flavour and different level of heat. We hope that you enjoy them all.


Our Sauces are made using the following chilis:

Jalapeño | Scotch Bonnet | Chipotle | Habanero | Ghost pepper | Trinidad Scorpion | Carolina Reaper

Using only the best ingredients:

Fresh chilis | Only natural ingredients | No additives | No added sugar | No dilution | All the flavour and heat

Everything is hand-crafted to ensure the best quality:

Each batch made by hand | From oven-roasted chilis | Made by chili fans, for chili fans.



Our mildest hot sauce is our GREEN LABEL Jalapeño & Date, which starts us off at an estimated 3,000 SHU

Next comes our BLUE LABEL, Scotch Bonnet & Caribbean Spices, with an estimated 7,000 SHU 

Our PINK LABEL Chipotle & Pineapple, brings more heat with an estimated 10,000 SHU

 With an estimated 20,000 SHU, our YELLOW LABEL hot sauce Habanero & Tomatillo gets your tongue tingling

Still not spicy enough? Try our ORANGE LABEL, Ghost Pepper & Mango, with an estimated 30,000 SHU

For those in search of extremely spicy hot sauce, we recommend our eye-watering RED LABEL,Trinidad Scorpion & Clementine, with an estimated 55,000 SHU

And our hot sauce collection wouldn't be complete without the fruity yet fiery BLACK LABEL, Carolina Reaper & Blueberry, made from the world's hottest chili pepper and measuring in at approximately 65,000 SHU

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Awards for Crazy Bastard Sauce:

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