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Berlin Brennt - Hot Curry Sauce 100ml

Berlin Brennt - Hot Curry Sauce 100ml

SKU: W013
100 Milliliters
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This is the first in a new range and style of sauces by CBS, called Berlin Brennt, representing the flavours of Berlin. This Hot Curry Sauce is inspired by the iconic Berlin streetfood, Currywurst. It is indeed hot, but the focus is not on the chili as with our other sauces, rather on the relationship between the heat and the flavour, and how that flavour is inspired by the culinary identity of the city it was made in. 

Ingredients: Vinegar (white-wine and balsamic), ginger, tomato puree, pineapple, onions, Bhut Jolokia Chili, curry spices, brown sugar, mustard, paprika powder, pepper, salt. 


Description: Aromatic and rich, with strong and sweet curry notes, garlic and ginger. The balsamic vinegar adds a tangy savoury note.


Pairing: Of course it pairs perfectly with currywurst, but also with other grilled meat and vegetables. Rice dishes, stews and curries can be enhanced with this sauce. Try it on burgers and sandwiches with white cheese or cold meats.


Heat: 6/10Scoville (geschätzt): 40,000 SHU


Volume: 100ml

Price: €6.90 per 100ml

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